How to Clean Bathroom Tiles Naturally

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles Naturally

Cleaning bathroom tiles can be a daunting task, especially if you’re concerned about the harsh chemicals found in many cleaning products. Luckily, there are natural and eco-friendly alternatives that can effectively clean your bathroom tiles without exposing you and the environment to harmful substances. In this article, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to clean bathroom tiles naturally, using simple ingredients that you probably already have at home.

1. Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin cleaning, it’s essential to gather all the necessary supplies. You’ll need:
– Baking soda
– White vinegar
– Lemon juice
– Water
– Spray bottle
– Scrub brush or sponge
– Microfiber cloth or towel
– Old toothbrush

2. Remove Surface Debris

Start by removing any loose debris from the tiles. Use a dry cloth or broom to sweep away dust, hair, and other particles. This step will make the cleaning process more effective and prevent the buildup of dirt on the tiles.

3. Make a Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda is a versatile ingredient that can naturally remove stains and grime from bathroom tiles. To create a baking soda paste, mix three parts baking soda with one part water. The consistency should be thick enough to spread easily on the tiles.

4. Apply the Baking Soda Paste

Dip a sponge or scrub brush into the baking soda paste and apply it directly to the tiles. Start from the top and work your way down, focusing on the areas with the most visible stains or grime. Allow the paste to sit on the tiles for about 10-15 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

5. Scrub the Tiles

Using a scrub brush or sponge, gently scrub the tiles in a circular motion. The abrasive texture of baking soda will help to lift dirt and stains without scratching the surface. For stubborn grime, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub the grout lines.

6. Rinse with Vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent natural cleaning agent that can dissolve soap scum and mineral deposits on bathroom tiles. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water. Spray the vinegar solution onto the tiles, ensuring to cover all areas.

7. Let it Sit

Allow the vinegar solution to sit on the tiles for a few minutes to loosen any remaining dirt or stains. The acidity of vinegar will help break down grime, making it easier to remove.

8. Scrub Again

After the vinegar has had time to work its magic, grab your scrub brush or sponge and give the tiles another good scrub. This step will help remove any loosened dirt and stains, leaving your tiles sparkling clean.

9. Rinse and Dry

Once you’re satisfied with the cleanliness of your bathroom tiles, rinse them thoroughly with warm water. Use a microfiber cloth or towel to dry the tiles and prevent water spots from forming.

10. Polish with Lemon Juice

For an extra shine and a fresh scent, you can polish your bathroom tiles with lemon juice. Apply lemon juice directly to the tiles using a cloth or sponge. Rub the lemon juice in a circular motion, then rinse the tiles with water and dry them as usual.

With these ten steps, you can achieve clean and sparkling bathroom tiles using natural ingredients. Not only are these methods environmentally friendly, but they’re also safe for you and your family. Give them a try and enjoy a fresh and chemical-free bathroom cleaning experience!


Cleaning bathroom tiles naturally is a simple and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning methods. By utilizing ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice, you can effectively remove stains and grime without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. Remember to take the time to gather your supplies, remove surface debris, create a baking soda paste, scrub the tiles, rinse with vinegar, let it sit, scrub again, rinse and dry, and polish with lemon juice. With these steps, your bathroom tiles will be sparkling clean and safe for you and your family.